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Conversation. The Way

Getting lost while drawing up a map; speaking randomly to express core thing; dreaming in order to see in wake; remembering, why something was forgotten; searching for cause of sufferings, to find hidden treasure... Psychoanalysis is the way of convalescence and development, announced so paradoxically. Find more information about psychotherapeutic capacities of psychoanalytic conversation!


Almanac: November

Almanac of Via Psychoanalytica is a monthly including articles and materials about professional activities of psychoanalysts nowadays, as well as about history of psychoanalysis, some topicalities in field of psychotherapy, and about other events, in psychoanalytic perspective.

Almanac about times and about nature of time...


Psychoanalysis and neuropsychoanalysis of dreams in addiction, depression and trauma

Italian Psychoanalytic Dialogues, Rome, February 6-7, 2016   Psychoanalysis and neuropsychoanalysis of dreams in addiction, depression and trauma From the conference brochure of the hosts: The Conference, organized by the Centro Psicoanalitico di Roma in collaboration with the Centro Milanese di Psicoanalisi, will address the current understanding and treatment of three widespread clinical complaints: addiction, depression, and trauma-related disorders. Focusing on the dream in clinical practice, the Conference will utilize two different but interrelated domains of knowledge, psychoanalysis and neuroscience, to illuminate these disorders. Presently, neuroscience is actively dealing with some crucial contributions from recent models in quantum physics, and the latest neurobiological data regarding neuropsychic functioning: brain imaging to visualize and map the working mind, artificial intelligence modeling, and consciousness and the subjective experience. On the other side,...