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Some facts about my life and work

Hello! Some facts about my life and work:

  • 1985 Graduate at University of Latvia (LU): philosopher; teacher of philosophy
  • 2002 LU, master’s degree in Psychology
  • 1999 Completed basic training programme in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (Institute of Social Relations “Attīstība”)
  • 2008 Completed Child and adolescent psychoanalytical psychotherapy training programme (Riga Stradin’s University & Medical Psychotherapy Development Centre, & Adolescent Psychiatric Society of Finland)
  • 2006-2011 Training at European Psychoanalytical Institute
  • Since 2009 candidate of Estonian-Latvian Psychoanalytical Society of IPA

Member of Psychotherapists’ Awarding Organisation within EPA in Latvia.

I am practicing psychotherapy privately, and at Regional Hospital in Jeekabpils. I have been a teacher of psychology courses at academies during 1985-2013. Since September, 2018 I am also psychotherapist at Social service of Engure district. I am practicing psychotherapy with adults, as well as with adolescents, and see also parents for consultations.